Whats new in Version 1.4.25?


Thats new in Version 1.4.25!

Improved User-/Access-Managment
Multiplex Variables
Bit Comparisons for Operations and Messages
Improved ConnectionDialog for Variable-Connections
Driver - Siemens
Re-Import for Recipes of the Runtime
Various Bugfixes
New Demo Projects And Manuals
Versioned Recipes
New SlideButton Control

Upcoming features


Coming soon...

New Keyboards
Grouping Options for Resources, Variables & Operations
New CodeEditor
Column Charts
  • visualisations for
    Windows 7, XP, CE, Mobile
  • up to 80% shorter development times
  • no powertags restriction
  • platform independent .net
  • modern design & style templates
  • swiping-gestures
  • multitouch support
  • multilingualism (Runtime-Change)
  • resource management: pictures, audio, video, text
  • numerous driver and protocols
  • alerts, recipes, messages,...
  • datalogging, user management, ...
  • RFID-Link
  • integration of own skripts and drivers
  • download the free development environment