VisBee - Screenshots Overview -

Visualize the options and opportunities of VisBee

VisBee is flexible for all types and possibilities of visualization. VisBee has numerous pre generated, drag and drop usable control and display elements. Using VisBee you have the possibility to integrate your own handlers and scripts. Because of that you have always the option to adjust all the functions to fulfill your needs.


Visualization "Homeautomatisation" with animated pipes, bars , slider and trend graph.


With integrated Soft-PLC you are able to control without any additional effort directly in the visualization.


maximum flexibility for controls, functions and drivers. The integrated C# - Compiler


Modern Design, extensive configuration opportunities - as well as grafic- und mediasupport.


Variable options as selection fields. type - initial values - min / max values - driver connection

  • visualisations for
    Windows 7, XP, CE, Mobile
  • up to 80% shorter development times
  • no powertags restriction
  • platform independent .net
  • modern design & style templates
  • swiping-gestures
  • multitouch support
  • multilingualism (Runtime-Change)
  • resource management: pictures, audio, video, text
  • numerous driver and protocols
  • alerts, recipes, messages,...
  • datalogging, user management, ...
  • RFID-Link
  • integration of own skripts and drivers
  • download the free development environment