To quickly and effectively design and revive your own application, we show the correct and efficient use of our development environment in our many video tutorials.
Beginners get e.g. basic information about the structure of the IDE but also experienced users can still merely observe one or the other trick.

The Workspace

Here it is shown how to use the RibbonTab "Workspace". Shown are the "Zoom", "alignment", "Size", "Space," "Z-Order", "Group" and "Grid".


Here it is shown how to create and present messages.There for messages can be triggered through buttons (changing a Boolean value). The messages can be configured so that they need to be confirmed, this is done by a button with the handler: "AcknowledgeAll".


In this Turtorial is shown how to work with operations. Therefor a TextBox and a Label are inserted. So is an operation. The condition is: if the value "input" (value of the TextBox) equals 10, the value of "output" (value of the label) is emitted as 100 (Handler: "SetVariable").


Here it is shown how to create a PictureBox.


Here it is shown how to create a SliderGauge. Therefor two SliderGauges, two variables, two labels and two bars are created. Afterwards design adjustments such as resizing, scale changes and individual controllers are shown.


In diesem Turtorial wird gezeigt wie man ImageResourcen, zweisprachige Textressourcen und eine ResourceList anlegt. Die Funktionalität wird an zwei Buttons für die Sprachumstellung (Handler: "SetLanguage") und einer Listbox demonstriert.
In this turtorial will be shown how image resouces, bilingual text resources and a resource list are created. The functionality ist demonstrated with two buttons for voice conversion (Handler: "SetLanguage") and a listbox.


In this Turtorial is shown how to create an ImageButton. Two image resources are created for the states "image resource pressed" and "ImageResourceUnpressed". The Image button is in "Switch" mode to show the functionality.


Here is shown how to work with recipes. Therefor two variables (int) are created, these will be assigned as items to a RecipeDefiniton. Two recipes are created. The functionality is provided with two labels and two bars (level indicators), to display the variables.The buttons toggle between the created recipes. These get the handler "Load to online select by name". Then one RecipeGrid is added in order to view existing recipes and add new ones. They are selected  with "Load to select online via grid".


Create a Project

Here it is shown how to create a new project in a new Solution.

Create a Image-Resource

In this Turtorial shows how to create an image resource in the resource browser.

Create an EventDialog

In this Turtorial shows how to add a dialog. To call up the dialog a button with the handler "ShowDialog" is used.

Event page switching

In this Turtorial is shown how to switch between two sites, therefor two buttons are created which get the handler "GoToPage".

Create a User

Here is shown how to create users and user groups. Restrictions are shown by the example of two buttons with different permissions (three users, two groups of users). Finally, the automatic logout will be shown.

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